Part time Classic car van bus coach truck and odd ball Renovators

K & R Walsh Brothers of Manchester

You can click on the various projects to see a slideshow/pictorial history of the cars and trucks we have renovated just go to projects and press and see the list. Also projects we are working on in our spare time at weekends and some night times but only till 10.30, then it's a pint on the way home. Do you like a good read? - checkout this link And check out our yutube link ran by ian duff on gnasherianuk check out the ex . ribble bd 2 and the jensen Also if you are in malpas try the Wheatsheaf inn. no mans heath voted the best pub and grub in malpas by K and R and crew. And if you are in llandudno you must go to the Links hotel you will not be sorry.can not wait for the rallys to start . .Info of the photo of K and R singing for a bar of rock and sixpence was at Howesons holiday camp in Abergle and the old guy was mister Goerge. Check out bedford firefly on yutube.