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Newsletter 2017

23. 01. 2017. Well 2017 is here the FFK is ready for the shows and the Austin FJ is well on the way have sold the Trojan it kept getting put back and other trucks were getting done so its gone. The Volvo will also be going the Simca pickup and the Renault juva and the Commer 14 seater coach . The Austin FJ photos are not yet on the site as yet just encase  you were looking for them.

02. 02. 2017. New project has come in Ford Thames but that is at the back FJ and the FFK are in first. But an holiday and a good drink is at the top of the list.

25. 02. 2017. Well back from the holiday and back to it just put some photos of the Austin morris FJ should be finished this week. Two new trucks to show this year plus we have the Ford Thames yet to do so that will be three so we must start looking for a new project. Not yet put photos of the Ford on the site as yet so yes we are looking for a new project so we don’t get bored the FFK is only one of two ever built and it was built for the gas board.

21. 03. 2017. Well the start of the  ford thames restoration are on we started it on sunday the 19th and so far going good take a look.  There are six weeks to go for Llandudno  it could be ready.

09. 04. 2017. Well don’t think the ford will be ready as we have got to get the trucks that are going to Llandudno up and running .There is a firm in Italy that is going to make model of the Jensen will be ready in may only 333 are being made and it looks good but at a cost. Was going to pick up a new project but it was stolen over night so shit.

06. 06. 2017. HI again yes Fred as gone and got the model of the Jensen and dropped it so there is another restoration job . Just finishing the thames so will be at its first show at Kelsal with the FFK tractor unit no new project as of yet the FJ blew the head gasket but is back on the road and the Ford N sump cracket and that is back on the road .Leyland on Sunday with the  FFK and the FJ

10. 07. 2017. Well good show at kelsal and at Smallwood and at the Cheshire steam fair not one break down. Got a new project for llanduno its a 1948 Bedford beadle ex Crossville  jfm 990 was converted in to a tourist’s information office this will be the new K and R bedfordett  the scarab is being turned back to a tractor unit.

24. 07. 2017. The Fleetwood show a sunny day and we got the cup for best commercial so good day the thames has gone to a good home .Work on refurbishing the Hotchkiss dh80 has started no new photos of the Bedford as yet next time out is Leyland 20 august.

31. 08. 2017. The Leyland show did not get there to much to do the scammell caravanett is no more we converted it back to a tractor unit. That will be up for sale next there are some new photos of the Bedford beadle . The Hotchkiss is finished almost we will be at Heaton Park this Sunday just two trucks.

23, 09. 2017. Well Heaton park went down well just took two the N series and the FFK work on the Bedford Beadle is slow but we have a Leyland clysdale that has  just come in .  The Leyland is a tipper and will be restored back to its former glory hope to finnish both for Llandudno.

31. 10. 2017. The Leyland and the Bedford are still going slow but plenty of time to go. Some bad news the K in K and R is retiring at the end of this year so  my peace will be shattered but. The other thing is we will be able to get the projects done faster so we need more projects